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Revion APEX now offering TLS 1.3 globally

by admin • December 27, 2018 now offering TLS 1.3 globally by January 2019 Revion has begun transitioning it’s servers to the lastest protocol version of TLS (1.3). TLS 1.3 updates the most important security protocol on the Internet, delivering superior privacy, security, and performance over its predecessors TLS 1.2. This new security protocol reduces latency caused during the TLS […]

Revion APEX

Restore APEX Applications using APEX Application Archive

by admin • June 28, 2018

Now that we successfully installed the Apex Applications Archive application and archived (backed up) your applications, we can now test the restore functionality of the archive applications. Lets say you accidentally deleted an application and your local backups you made (or not) are lost as well. Follow the steps below to restore APEX applications: Method […]

Revion APEX

Printing options in APEX

by admin • June 26, 2018

We frequently receive questions on what printing options are available from Revion’s APEX services.    Revion offers 3 printing options for Oracle APEX. Oracle BI Publisher – this option is included and integrated with all of our APEX hosting plans  PLPDF – this option is included as well.  Just open a ticket and we will add […]

Revion APEX

Oracle APEX 18.1 coming to Revion!

by admin • June 18, 2018

Exciting news regarding Revion’s APEX hosting services…  Revion will offer APEX 18.1 hosting in July!  All APEX instances will be upgraded starting in the beginning of July. If you would like to test your application on APEX 18.1 prior to the upgrade, please contact @revionsolutions for an APEX 18.1 test workspace.  With APEX 18.1 is […]

Revion APEX

Basics of HIPAA Hosting Compliance

by admin • March 8, 2018

  The healthcare industry was late to the cloud. The reason for the lateness was the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). HIPAA dictates the rules for storing and transmitting electronic health data. It was established by US Congress in 1996. HIPAA consists of privacy rules, security rules and breach notification rules for health […]