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Glassfish Hosting by REVION.COM
Flexible, lightweight, and production-ready Java EE application server, using 100% SSD storage

Glassfish Hosting Services

Our Glassfish HOSTING ACCOUNT IS A COMPLETE CLOUD BASED SOLUTION: INCLUDES APEX Listener, WEB, DNS, E-MAIL, FTP/SFTP, SSL HOSTING, PL/PDF or Oracle BI printing engines, enterprise level monitoring alerting.

Oracle Glassfish Hosting $99/mo

Unlimited Websites/Domains
40 GB Server/apps SSD Storage
4GB App Server Memory
1GB Oracle tablespace
4 Oracle schemas/users

SSD Hosting for Database Driven Applications

Up to 300% faster access to your files and databases compared to non-ssd hosting providers!
Backed up by the most powerful database – Oracle

Daily OS Snapshots!

We provide daily snapshot options for your Server OS. Your snapshot data is safely stored on separate storage in case recovery is ever required. Offsite snapshot storage available as well.

Real-time server & application monitoring

See apps performance and receive proactive alerts based on thresholds you setup. See your app performance from different regions of the USA or other countries


Oracle 11G or 12c Database

Get your apps powered by one of the word’s powerful database – 11G or 12C. Access your schema via sqlpus, Toad or SQL Developer. 10 Users/Schemas included

Storage & Compute

APP Server VPS: 1 Core, 50GB SSD apps server storage, 4GB memory, 1GB oracle tablesapce

Full E-mail, DNS features

Geo located DNS ( 4 name servers) with unlimited zones records/qps, Manage your DNS zones. Unlimited e-mails accounts with 5GB per domain per hosting account. Web based mail and much more!

Customer Support

World Class, fully USA based customer support!

Server OS

CentOS or Oracle Linux 7.x. Full ssh access, 1 static ip. Multiple Fiber-optic Connections to Diverse Backbones

7x24x365 Monitoring

7x24x365 Monitoring from different worldwide locations. Access and your apps performance metrics via smart app!